Many of us are using outdated textbooks or no textbooks at all, and we are in desperate need of a way to give students (and parents) a resource that they can use as a reference.

Interactive Notebooks (INB)

This is where the Interactive Notebooks (INB) come into the picture. Interactive Notebooks are designed for students to record their learning in a structured organization that allows for reflection and creativity. Students can insert teacher's' notes and add their own to complete their understanding of materials. While the Notebooks can be set up in a variety of ways, these three benefits remain for students. (INB Templates)

1. Retention of Important Facts

It surprised me to learn that students that write things down and students that don't retain the same amount of information from a lecture. But what I found even more surprising is that students that write notes remember what is important. Writing the information down involves a different brain activity and allows students to make connections to prior learning. When writing the information students remember what connects and therefore the most relevant information.

2. Ownership

Students will take more ownership of something that they have created. While some will get lost, most students enjoy the creation process. You will want to think ahead to find places where students can be creative. Because there is so much we know must be in there, look for places for students to decide what is valuable and important. They will surprise you!

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

As I read the research, it impressed me that writing the problems into their notebooks worked the same a practicing a problem. Yes, even if they are copying it off the board. Because the students are finding it important enough to write it down, their brains treat the information differently, and we achieve a higher level of retention.

Interactive Notebook Templates

Using templates can be your fastest way to get started. Feel free to use the INB Templates that helped me get started.


What questions do you have about Interactive Notebooks? Please add them below. I would also love to hear about your experience with Interactive Notebooks. Please share!