Emergency lesson plans are a great way to be sure that if you need to be out of your classroom, your students will continue to learn and grow even when you are not there or there are other situations.

There are three different times that I use emergency lesson plans for my Algebra and Geometry classes.

The first, and most obvious, is when I am sick or my children are sick. There is nothing worse than waking up to a sick kiddo in the middle of the night. They need you. And the last thing you want to be worrying about is work.Funny Get Well Ecard: Teaching - The only profession where you have to do more work to call in sick than if you just suffered through it.

The second reason I always have emergency lesson plans is that technology can and does fail at times. I once worked at a school where every time it rained really hard (in Michigan this is quite often in the spring) the internet would fail... hmmm.... We also had the copier that inspired every Facebook Meme.

And the third reason I had emergency lesson plans was for schedule interruptions. This was a great way to keep my classes together when one class period might be shorter or missed altogether.

It's now time to make a plan

Step 1: Download the lessons.

You can get great, ready to use lessons here. We have selected one lesson from 10 different units in Algebra 1 and Geometry for your use.  So whether you would like a review day from unit 1 or a more specific lesson from a unit you are working on, everything is ready from the links below.

You can get all the lessons here:

Step 2: Get a teacher buddy.

There is nothing better than a teacher that has your back. For so long, no matter how sick I was, I showed up to the school to set up my class for my substitute. Once I had kids I realized that would not always be possible.

The teacher next to me also had children and we had the same problem. So we set up a shared folder in Google Drive with our emergency lessons. When one of us needed to be out, we agreed to help each other out and pull out the folder for the substitute and make sure everything was ready. What an amazing peace of mind to know that we had each other's back.

Step 3: Finalize your system.

None of us like to be out of our classroom, but when you do need to be out, we don't need the stress of getting everything together for a substitute. What does your substitute need to run your classroom? Brainstorm and then put everything into a folder. Some ideas include seating charts, bathroom pass instructions, and emergency procedures. Create this once and put it in a paper file in your designated place.

There is no reason to be stressed out when you or a loved one is sick. Get a folder out today and fill it with what you need. Print copies and have them in there too if that works for you or put them into Google Classroom or Edmodo. Enjoy the moment of knowing you have an emergency plan.