I used to hate the Monday after the Super Bowl. The kids were tired, I was tired, and it felt like a horrible situation of force-feeding information to the unwilling.

So I began looking for a lesson that would keep them engaged. And I found it! Now, many of you know I am a huge fan of the lessons at Yummy Math.

Scientific Notation

The lesson I found, called The cost of a Super Bowl XLVII ad was perfect. Incorporating scientific notation (which conveniently the biology teacher asked me to review), and prediction, the cost of the ads was a great way to get the kids interested in the math. I showed a few of their favorite commercials, and they were hooked.

For more lessons on feel free to check out the Unit 8 Livebinder.

Graphing Exponentials

Yummy Math one-upped them with this year's lesson. Again using the cost of an ad, this lesson incorporates graphing, creating a line of best fit, making predictions, comparing linear and exponential functions and other skills. Super Bowl Ads 2015 is copied and ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Unit 8 has more lessons on all aspects of exponentials.

Measures of Central Tendencies

For the middle school teachers out there, you are not forgotten! Yummy Math also has a way to predict (or check your prediction) of the score using statistics. Typical Super Bowl scores? This activity could also be used as a review if you are heading into statistics soon.

Are you looking for more statistics? Unit 4 has you covered!

Thank you, Yummy Math!

To ensure the kids love the lesson, I find a few commercials (yes, I make sure they are appropriate) and show those during the class. I love it! This day has gone from one I used to dread to a one I treasure. The kids and I enjoy it, and I hope you will too! Thank you, Yummy Math!

3 Super Bowl Lesson Plans that Keep Kids Engaged


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