Want to teach properties of bisected line Segments? Here are three quick methods every geometry teacher needs to know.

Method #1: Allow Students To Make Conclusions And Connections

Here's a simple method that so many geometry teachers miss out on when teaching midpoint and bisectors.

Here's what I mean: as the teacher, we must connect new information to prior learning for every lesson. Research shows that this will help our students retain the new knowledge that they are learning.

The connection is important to you because it means by allowing our students to do the constructions themselves and see the bisection and make the measurements, we can get the most reluctant learners engaged.

This method is important because  when you ask questions like

Will this always be true?
Can we do this will a different line?
Are the steps always the same?
Is there another way to answer this question?

Helping the students to make the relationships and connections, will place this new information into their long term memory.

So the thing for you to do here is to plan time into your schedule where students can do the constructions. Prepare with compasses and sharpened pencils (to save precious time) and cardboard or thick paper to protect your desks.

Method #2: Creating A Proof

Here's the crucial thing you need to understand with this method: when students conclude that a bisector is a midpoint, we need to progress to the next level of ensuring that the students can prove that conclusion.

The most important thing to understand with this is that if students can successfully prove geometric conclusions, they have a deep understanding of the methods of geometry.

This method is important because as the students find the pattern, they are more engaged than traditional instruction that tells them the definition of bisector or midpoint. We need students that will own their learning and when they find patterns and make conclusions that is precisely what they are doing.

My advice at this point is to find at least three questions that will help your students find the patterns if they are unable to do it on their own. Examples include:

What do you notice about the measurements?
How are these two examples the same?
What do you notice?.

Method #3: Use An Exit Slip To Ensure Understanding

The main idea for every geometry teacher with this method is that ensure understanding by all students. While to us math teachers, this can seem like a more straightforward concept, this is where students can fly under the radar.

The most important thing with this method is that you can quickly identify the students that did not understand or for some other reason did not master the content.

This method will help geometry teachers because by planning a lesson and daily work where each student feels successful on the first day, your students will have much more success with the whole unit.

To put this into action, you should create a simple exit slip (or download mine) and use them to browse for misunderstandings quickly.

So there you have it! The 3 methods just waiting to let you wave bye-bye to all the traditional publishers and attain the dream for every geometry teacher to teach properties of bisected line segments!

Still not convinced? Well, if you want to teach properties of bisected line segments, this fantastic free lesson plan spells it all out for you! Check it out here https://highschoolmathteachers.com/optin-geometry-lessons/