Socrative is a fabulous way to check for understanding without having to grade any papers. Already, it's a winner! So what is Socrative and why should you leverage it?

It is a classroom app for "fun, effective classroom engagement," allowing you to "instantly connect with students as learning happens."

What Can You Do With It?

  • Quickly assess students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to gain immediate insight into student understanding
  • Use auto-populated results to determine the best instructional approach to most effectively drive learning
  • Customize the program for specific lessons without upfront work!

Another great feature of learning this program is that it works with any device that connects to the Internet.

Today I am showing you five ways I use Socrative to keep my students engaged during class. But first, if you've never used the program before, make sure you watch this short video:

Socrative Tutorial for teachers from on Vimeo.

1. Quick Checks

Quick Checks are a great way to get student answers without any prep work at all. Ask for a particular homework answer or put a problem on the board for them to solve. The short answer option is perfect for this! I love the instant feedback my students get from this and how quickly I can check for common misunderstandings.



2. Correcting Individual Practice or Homework

By creating a simple answer sheet, students can self-check their work. Self-checking is a great time-saving process, which can also give students the instant feedback they need. Let me show you how I do it in the video below.


3. Using Images

It is very easy to add images to your quizzes. When creating a quiz question, click on the link shown below and add your image. This is extremely helpful with graphing questions and Geometry in general.


4. Exit Ticket

Exit slips are easy to use in Socrative and you will get all the results in an easy-to-review spreadsheet. From the Socrative Launch Screen, you will find an option to launch an exit ticket. The exit ticket asks four questions:

  1. Name
  2. How well did you understand today's materials? (Multiple Choice)
  3. What did you learn today? (Open Response)
  4. Please answer your teacher's question. (This is an excellent time to put your exit slip for the day on the board.)

5. Fluency and Memorization

There is a great tool called speed race within the program. I love to use this for fluency and quick fact memorization (e.g. simplifying common radicals, exponential rules). Adding these lessons allow you to get in some repetition and practice while your students still have fun!


6. Shared Resources

Teachers have been creating quizzes for a long time and Socrative has made it very easy to share. View the below spreadsheet that includes answers at!



If you would enjoy a step-by-step set up video, the one below is a nice way to get started.

Socrative Tutorial for teachers from on Vimeo.

Make this week wonderful and try something new!

How do you use Socrative in your class? Let us know below!


5 Ways To Engage Students In Math Class Using Socrative