Motivation - The One Thing Students Must Have!

How often do we hear teachers say that the kids are not motivated? We teach, but they don't want to learn.
We can all use a friendly reminder now and then. Great stuff!

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Many teachers believe that motivation is intrinsic and that there is nothing we can do about that. But, I believe there are some things we can avoid that will help our kids stay motivated.


Expecting yourself or your students to be perfect kills learning. Learn to forgive yourself and be patient with your students. This expectation alone can bring back enthusiasm for not only your students but for your career!

Everyday Monotony

Having everything the same every day; same seats, same bellringer, same lecture, same problems (different page).
I noticed my second-hour class was bored. It was two days before spring break, and they were restless. I simply gave the instructions in the classroom and allowed them to sit in the hallway (I have minuscule windows in my room) near the sunshine. It rejuvenated them and me!

Make them Guess

On the other hand having no structure and forcing kids to figure out what they are expected to do is exhausting. Finding balance is key. Excellent communication and an agenda on the board is very effective.


Honestly, this is the hardest one for me, but I had to remove this from my room to be effective. It killed kids motivation to try.


Don't allow it from yourself and don't allow it from your students. Done.

Meaningless Tasks

Give tasks that mean something to students. Balancing application and fluency can be hard at first. Before each lesson check to see that you have both. You will be amazed at how this can turn a kid around.
Keeping your students motivated can be a challenge. Use these 6 strategies to keep your classroom moving forward. Read more by clicking on the image.


6 Things You Must Avoid to Enjoy Motivated Students