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As a teacher, I understand that the place you want to be the most is in your classroom, teaching your students.

You’d much rather be teaching the lessons instead of struggling through creating the lesson plans and keeping up with Common Core!

That is why I created the High School Math Teachers Community: to take that stress off your plate!

What if this was your reality?

7:00 AM: You walk into your classroom on Monday after a weekend spent with your own family. You didn’t have to stress over the following week’s lesson plan because it was already done!

7:30 AM: You pull out your lesson plan for the week, which you were able to edit to add your district requirements. The lesson plan includes the topic, CCSS, focus Mathematical Practice, I Can statement, procedure, and materials. You check your Pacing Guide to look over exactly what you need to accomplish for the day.

7:50 AM: Students arrive in the classroom!

Your first 10 minutes are spent getting organized while your students engage in a bellringer: an activity designed to guide them through important concepts and necessary prior knowledge before the lesson begins.

8:15 AM: After walking through new concepts with your students, you hand out an activity sheet for them to complete in class. This helps them become problem solvers while making connections to prior knowledge and will cement the strategies into their brains!

8:25 AM: With the PPT and practice sheets ready to go you are able to move around the room to assist students as they need help.

8:40 AM: As the class draws to an end, you hand out exit slips. These allow you assess who needs additional help the following day!

10:00 AM: After teaching another class, your free period begins. You decide to continue a High School Math Teachers online training you have been working through.

8:00 PM: You go home that night and have a few questions about the lesson plan and how to best present it to your students. You hop on the High School Math Teachers Private Community to ask your peers what has worked for them.

It’s that simple!

Virtually all of the planning work was done for you -- all you had to do was teach.

Editable Lesson Plans and Pacing Guides

  • Every lesson plan includes the topic, Common Core State Standard, focus Mathematical Practice, I Can statement, procedure, materials, optionally editable boxes for accommodations and technology.

  • The lesson plans are editable to give you an easy place to store ideas, technology, or any other requirement required by your district. They are logo free so you can print and use as necessary.

  • The Pacing Guides will help you see the big picture from day 1 to the end of the year. With its day by day focus, you know exactly what needs to be accomplished each day.

Every Day has a Bellringer

  • Every lesson has a bellringer to help you begin the day with 10 minutes of engaging activity for your students while allowing you to get the important things done at the beginning of the hour.

  • The Bellringers are designed to prepare students for the lesson by reviewing important concepts or necessary prior knowledge before the lesson begins. The bellringer sets your students up to be successful every day!

  • This daily routine of a bellringer will help your students transition from passing the time to learning time with a predictable routine. Whether you copy and distribute or show them on your screen, this simple routine with help, you start each class right.

Activities and Practice Pages

  • The activities are created to help students become problem solvers while making connections to prior knowledge.

  • Every student needs time to practice the skills on their own to cement the strategies into their brain. The practice pages are a perfect option whether they are used in class or as a homework option

  • Both of these resources are available for every day of the Algebra and Geometry lessons.

  • Every resource comes complete with an answer key.

Exit Slips

  • Every lesson has an exit slip that is designed to take approximately 5 minutes at the end of class.

  • The exit slips will allow you an easy way to provide a formative assessment. You will easily be able to see which students need more help before the next day.

  • These can easily be used as a handout or as an exit slip within Socrative or other online resource.

Weekly Assessments and End of Unit Tests

  • Every week has a formative assessment that aligns with the skills list for each subject; Algebra and Geometry.

  • End of unit tests are provided for all 12 Algebra Units and all 10 Geometry Units

  • Multiple versions of each test are available to use as versions A, B, and C or as a Pretest option.

Anywhere/Anytime Online Training

  • Grab a cup of coffee and be ready to enjoy the options of anytime/anywhere professional development opportunities.

  • All PD has the option of a printable certificate to be used for evidence of your learning as PD hours or artifacts for your evaluation.

  • All training videos are offered live and are also recorded for your convenience.

Private Community

  • The High School Math Teachers Members Area includes a forum for members to ask questions, collaborate, and share resources in a safe area.

Lesson Plans You Won't Have to Create Anymore!

Imagine the possibilities ...


Lesson Plans & Assessments

Algebra 1 Lesson Plans

The lesson plans provide daily resources for all 12 units. Every lesson includes a Bellringer, Activity, PowerPoint, Practice, and an Exit Slip.

  • Unit 1 Patterns and Functions
  • Unit 2 Linear Equations
  • Unit 3 Modeling Linear Data
  • Unit 4 Statistics
  • Unit 5 Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Unit 6 Systems of Equations
  • Unit 7 Sequences and Functions
  • Unit 8 Exponential Functions
  • Unit 9 Linear and Exponential Models
  • Unit 10 Understanding Quadratic Functions
  • Unit 11 Operations on Polynomials
  • Unit 12 Solve Quadratic Functions



Lesson Plans & Assessments

Geometry Lesson Plans

The lesson plans provided are divided into 10 units. Every lesson includes a Bellringer, Activity, PowerPoint, Practice, and an Exit Slip.

  • Unit 1 Geometric Transformations
  • Unit 2 Angles and Lines
  • Unit 3 Triangles 
  • Unit 4 Triangle Congruence
  • Unit 5 Similarity Transformations
  • Unit 6 Right Triangle Relationships and Trigonometry
  • Unit 7 Quadrilaterals
  • Unit 8 Circles
  • Unit 9 Modeling in Two Dimensions
  • Unit 10 Understanding and Modeling Three-Dimensional Figures

8th Grade Extension

Supplemental 8th Grade Algebra 1 Lessons 

If you are teaching Algebra 1 to 8th graders, you have extra standards to cover. We have you covered!

  • Analyze and solve linear equation and pairs of simultaneous linear equations (Unit 1)
  • Define, evaluate, and compare functions. (Unit 1 & 2)
  • Use functions to model relationships between quantities (Unit 2)
  • Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data (Unit 4)
  • Understand and apply the Pythagorean theorem. (Unit 8)

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"I am just thrilled with your work and expertise. You are a godsend. Thank you for sharing."

Derrick F.

Educator, Alachua County Public Schools

"Sometimes we do things in life and have no idea the impact it makes on people. You have impacted teachers' (therefore students') lives in southern Illinois."

Tiffany W.

Educator, Belleville West High School

“I am really enjoying the information you have provided on your site. Your organization amazes me.”

Tara J.

6-12 Math Coach, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get complete access to everything right away?

Yes! You get complete access to every Algebra 1 Lesson and every Geometry Lesson the moment you are a member. No need to worry that our schedules don't match or if your students are working on a different topic. Every lesson, every resource, every training is available as soon as you become a member.

Will there be new materials added?

Yes! New materials will be added weekly! I will be looking for your feedback to see what you would like created in the very near future. I strive to create resources that make your life easier.

Are the documents editable?

Yes. All documents are provided in PDF and Word or PowerPoint formats. This will allow you to edit them as you see fit for your students.

While I do my best to create resources that are universal, we all know that ever classroom is different and that you will need to make adjustments from time to time. That is one of the many reasons there is a forum. The sharing of resources and "tweaks" are invaluable.

Can I use a school purchase order for my membership?

Absolutely! Please fill out the Purchase Order Form. If you need an invoice or an estimate please feel free to let us know in the comments box and we will get your documentation right out to you and your district.

Do you offer school/district discounts?

Yes! Please see the school/district discount page for details.

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