Complementary and Supplementary Angles

Ways to use Complementary and Supplementary Angles to Develop Independent Learners.

It’s always a challenge to motivate students to use their problem solving skills to and not wait for the teacher to explain the problem and give the answer.

This lesson plan on Complementary and Supplementary Angles allows you to encourage them to be independent learners.

Complementary angles occur when the sum of two angles add up to 90 degrees whereas Supplementary angles are when the sum of two angles add up to 180 degrees.

Building Connections

Knowing this information allows students to solve for unknowns when working with right angles and straight lines. It also helps make connections with lessons students learn about algebraic equations within the geometry they are studying.

When starting your lessons, it’s always helpful to review first.

A few concepts to review are what are angles, how to name them, and practicing examples that solving for 90 and 180 angles. Most mistakes in math are made from students rushing and not taking their time to double-check their work.

Tips to Develop Independent Learners

Enforce students writing down every step so that you can help them to help themselves. This way we can analyze where the disconnect is in learning. We want to develop independent learners.

This “Complementary and Supplementary Angles” lesson plan encourages students to work through the process themselves to understand the concept before introducing the terms.

Students work in groups to work through the activity and review their answers. Allow them to struggle and work it out together for a few minutes before leading them to a discussion about the patterns they are seeing.

When you finally reveal the definitions of complementary and supplementary angles and how to use it as a short-cut or clue to how to solve these types of problems, the light bulbs should start going off for students.

This geometry lesson plan on “Complementary and Supplementary Angles” encourages students to become independent learners. It’s complete with applicable standards, openings, practice problems, lesson presentation, and more. Get yours today.

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