Kahoot is a fun and interactive online quiz game program!

Use Kahoot to drive engagement. Full tutorial to help you get started.If you've never used Kahoot in your classroom, you must try it soon. My students love to look for patterns, review concepts, and compete in a fun way!

Kahoot is a quiz game with multiple choice answers. Every student will need their own device, but any device will work! This game has longevity, which is an advantage to the teachers who use it. They can share the quizzes they've already made with one another, making for an easy and quick setup.

Initial Setup

For initial setup, you will need two devices: one to run the program, and one for you to act as the student to put in the answers.

  • As a teacher, you will go to https://getkahoot.com/ and set up your account
  • Students use https://kahoot.it. They do not need an account - they simply enter a pin you provide and they are ready to play.

Try one of the premade games below today!

10 Sample Algebra Kahoots

How to Set up and Use Kahoot

1. Set up your account

2. Find great Kahoots and edit them to fit the needs of your students.

3. Save the results

Make sure you set clear expectations before you begin. One of the best ways to have success with Kahoot is to have clear expectations upfront with your class. It always helped my classroom for the students to understand that there is accountability created within the Kahoot program.

Understanding the Program Options

Put the Pin Number at the bottom

There is an option within Kahoot that will allow you to show the pin number at the bottom of the screen during play. I found it very beneficial to show that pin number so that if somebody's device kicks them off the website or somebody should come in late, everyone is still able to participate.


The music can be turned on and off. Depending on how excitable your students are this can be very beneficial. You'll have to try it both ways with your class if you haven't done something like this before to see what motivates them.

Classroom Management Tips


Kahoot can be a very loud game. I found that it was respectful to the other classrooms to find out when they were testing - I schedule my Kahoots time on different days.


Accountability is set up automatically. One tip I have found is to require students to use their first and possibly last name. If I don't see their name, they don't get a grade.

Students Can Create Kahoots

Another great way to use Kahoots is to allow students to create the quizzes that will be given to the students. My students love to create these, and I noticed they would pick much harder questions that I would. They loved to check each other, and I found it it was worth the time to allow them to create them.