Line of Best Fit Lesson Plans

Teaching the concept of the line of best fit can put together a lot of strategies and skills. Today I would love to share with you a couple of my favorite worksheets and activities that engage students.

Line of Best Fit Worksheets

One of my go-to handouts is the line of best fit for beginners. This step by step worksheet can allow students to figure out the line of best fit for any set of data. The simple handout allows you to use it not only in Algebra but you can talk a science or history teacher into using it too!

Beginners guide to line of best fit (PDF)

This worksheet is part of our Unit 4 Statistics Unit.

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Line of Best Fit Activities

The line of best fit is best understood by students when they use real data and then make predictions. The Gapminder free online program uses real data from around the globe to show relationships. The Gapminder activity is by far my favorite activity to do with students. They love learning more about countries around the world. Here is the Introduction to Gapminder activity.

Introduction to Gapminder (PDF)

There is a second Gapminder activity in our member's area as well.


Within our member's area, you will also find weekly assessments that are ideal for formative assessments, as well as, Unit tests aligned to the Common Core. The assessments are created to be a combination of short answer and multiple choice to prepare students for the online and end of course exams.

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Line of Best Fit Lesson Plans