How can you teach less so your students can learn more? Doesn't that sound like a dream come true? Watch this video if your students are shutting down or if any of these statements sound familiar:
"This is too much!" "I just got the last problem, now you are giving me more?!?"

What do I talk about in this video?

Students are struggling to make connections.

With the rise of social media, it's becoming apparent students are having a difficult time making connections. They look through Facebook feeds and see random data and their brains are no longer trained to connect concepts together. It is our job as teachers to help them make those connections!

Ask, "Why do you think this is all being taught in the same day?"

When I had one of those days with my students -- I was teaching the same concepts, but they weren't making the connection -- I asked this question. That's all it took! They were able to piece the concepts together, how they were connected, and not feel like they were learning everything from scratch. Teach one concept really well. Then pose a similar problem and ask them to make the connections. Forcing them to make those connections, they retain it longer and then look for the connections as you continue with other examples. Once you help students with this, their overwhelm will decrease because they don't feel like they're learning many concepts at once - they recognize it's all connected.

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