Fresh Ideas to Help You Teach Transformations

Learning geometry is like making a snowball

You want a firm foundation to build on, so it doesn't crumble later. One of the foundations of geometry is teaching transformations. It’s also a great topic for allowing group interactions. Teaching transformations allows for plenty of opportunities for examples, activities, and discussions.

What are transformations?

Transformation in geometry is when an object is turned, flipped, stretched or otherwise changed from its original form. The most common transformations are translation, rotation, reflection, and dilation.

Once students develop a firm foundation for what these terms mean, it is easier for them to translate it into a mathematical function.

There are many ways to teach transformations

Teachers can explain each of the terms and show examples using graphs and objects around the classroom.

Teaching transformations is a great time to let the students do a group activity and work together to understand the concept. Repetition is key in geometry. If students can break down the lesson in different ways to teach each other accurately, then that proves that they have a firm understanding of transformations.

Let the students practice writing transformations as functions.

Below is a free transformation lesson plan to get you going

It provides a chance for students to see, hear, and get hands-on in the learning process. While working in teams, encourage students to engage in conversations to help each other understand the lesson.

Working with transformations will provide an opportunity for a big group discussion on what worked and what didn’t. It’s also an opportunity for teachers to engage one- on- one with students who may not always feel comfortable asking questions or speaking out in large groups.