So after the last blog post all about functions (if you missed it, you can find it here), I received a few asking about statistics. So I thought I would do another round-up for you. Every resource mentioned is free below. Enjoy!

Before I begin, feel free to email me and let me know what you are teaching and I will do my best to prepare something for you too!


Gapminder is an amazing tool! It worked so well with my students. I just know you will want to use this amazing, free, online tool as well.

Causation vs Correlation

The first time I taught this lesson was eight years ago during an election year when political commercials were all over the place. After this lesson, the history teacher (yes, this is also a history standard in most states) pulled up some of those commercials and we had great discussions about the difference between causation and correlation and how advertisers assume we don't know the difference.

Two-Way Tables

 Overall my students enjoy learning about two-way tables, and it makes sense to them. It's something they feel very confident with understanding the way that we have structured this lesson so that it builds makes it very easy for students to get this knowledge down in a relatively quick amount of time.

Standard Deviation Lesson Plan

The standard deviation lesson plan is based on the understanding of what standard deviation is calculating. This is done before they ever learn how to calculate it using technology. Understanding that standard deviation is measuring the deviation of the change off of the mean is very important in Algebra 1, and this activity is visual and straightforward for students to understand. 

Line of Best Fit Lesson Plans

Teaching the concept of the line of best fit can put together a lot of strategies and skills. Today I would love to share with you a couple of my favorite worksheets and activities that engage students.