Unit 1 - Week 1

  • Order of operations (A-CED.1)
  • Solve (two-step) one variable equation (A-CED.1)
  • Basic graphing review (A-REI.10)

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Is there anything better than the first week of school? It is extremely important that students learn right away that they will be engaged bell to bell in your algebra 1 class. Be sure that your lessons reflect this all week. This will be one area where a little extra effort will pay off tenfold. Discussion of rules and procedures can be imbedded into your lessons, but they should not be your algebra one lesson.

Daily Lessons

Day 1 & 2 - Order of Operations

Just the facts! Because my students will be using Netbooks this year (a first for them), my goal is to train them about my expectations quickly. This lesson works on understanding the order of operations, rational numbers, as well as wikis. We will be doing math while incorporating some of the technology that is so motivating for my students.

Day 3 - This day will be split into two halves. A & B

Day 4 - Pre-assessment

Shapes of Algebra - This will be used as a pre-assessment or better called an observation day for me to help understand where all of my students are currently in their math understanding. Students will work in groups of two or three to complete the packet. I will be circulating, asking questions, being sure to notice who is ahead and who is behind. This will not be presented as an assessment.

Day 5 - Finish Shapes of Algebra and Assessment #1

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Week 1 - Pre-Algebra Review