What is a Function?

Unit 1 - Week 2

  • Define function (F-IF.1)
  • Vertical line test (F-IF.1)
  • Domain and range (F-IF.1)
  • Evaluate a function (F-IF.2)

Day 6 - Forms of Functions (Defining Functions Recursively)

Ideas for cross-curricular student work: My students will be reading the short story, The Most Dangerous Game in their English class. A Bellringer Idea is to have students graph fear vs. distance and fear vs. time.

Day 7 - Forms of Functions (Writing Functions as Expressions)

Day 8 - Forms of Functions (Translating Functions from Words and Expressions into Tables)

Day 9 -Forms of Functions (Translating Functions from Tables into Graphs)

Day 10 -Forms of Functions (Translating Graphs into Words/Describing graphs)

Assessment Examples

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