Representing Data

Unit 4 - Week 11

  • Create dot plots, histograms, and box plots S.ID.1

  • Understand and compare mean, median, interquartile range, and standard deviation and how it creates the shapes of graphs S.ID.2

Representing Data

Representing Data

Day 51 Introduction to Statistics: Mean, Median, and Mode

A great look at the effects of Median over Mean


Day 52 - Ohio DOE Box and Whisker.

This lesson uses no technology and is a great way to show students visually what a box and whisker plot is and how it is created. Numbers are sorted and placed within quartiles giving students a conceptual understanding before moving into technology based instruction.

Practice and interpretation sheet for box and whisker.

Day 53 - Penny's Dates (S.ID.1, S.ID.2, SID.3)

This activity allows students to see how we can use a sample of a population to make larger conclusions. This will fit nicely as we relate it to our teams election project. (SDOC Math Website)?

Day 54 - Standard Deviation Lesson Plan


Day 55 - Assessments


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